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We offer four types of licenses for downloads: Student/Teacher License, Standard License, Extended License and Social Media License. The full terms of these licenses (together with the terms of Print License) are available here and you will be prompted to agree to them at checkout, but we would like to give you a rough idea of what to choose for your purchase: 
(Note: if none of these licenses suits your needs, please contact us for custom licensing)
To see the PRICE for different licenses please click on the corresponding "Buy" button ($ sign) next to each image/video. The price is for that particular image/video. Different images/videos may have different prices.
When you purchase a license from an image/video page, the license is for that particular image/video - NOT for our whole collection (we do not offer any package that includes our whole collection)
There is NO time limit for our licenses. Once purchased, a license is valid for lifetime, provided that other conditions are met.
Student/Teacher License (available for all images but only for some videos - If you do not see this option on the video page, it is not available for that video):  This license is reserved for INDIVIDUAL students and teachers using images/videos for school projects and classroom lectures ONLY. Online uses (websites, apps, learning portal, e-books, social media...) are NOT allowed under this license, please use our Standard License instead. This is a SINGLE SEAT license, it authorizes ONE natural person to license, download, and use images/videos. Videos purchased under this license are not eligible for free editing services.
Standard License: suitable for most uses: teaching/academic, commercial/advertising, editorial and textbook publishing, web publishing, patient education… This license does NOT allow posting the images/videos on Social Media such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter... (use our Social media license instead, see below). This license does NOT include uses in legal proceedings (use our Extended license instead, see below).
When images/videos are uploaded to online platforms (websites, learning portals, blackboard, apps...), the download function must be disabled - viewers should NOT be allowed to download the images/videos.
Images/videos can also be included as part of a product for sale provided that the images/videos are NOT the main subject of the product and that the images/videos can NOT be extracted from the product as individual files. When a video is used as part of an online course for resale, each individual video should constitute less than 10% of the total course time, and all materials from Alila Medical Media should constitute less than 50% of the total course materials/time.  A credit line ©Alila Medical Media is required in the credit section of the product(s). Examples of acceptable products: textbooks using our images as illustrations, video lectures using our animations as supplementary materials. Examples of NOT acceptable products: using our images/videos as part of a larger image/video collections for resale. Please contact us for customized resale license.
With this license, an image/video can be used for up to 100,000 copies of the final product. For example: when an image/video is used in a physical product (newspapers, magazines, books, CDs, DVDs…) the print run should NOT exceed 100,000 copies in the aggregate; when an image/video is used for eBooks, the number of end users should not exceed 100,000 in the aggregate; when an image/video is used on a website, the total intended audience for lifetime use of the image/video should not exceed 100,000 visitors; when an image/video is used for multimedia presentations or incorporated into film and video for television and/or internet broadcast, the intended audience should NOT exceed 100,000 viewers. If you need the images/videos for more than 100,000 copies please use our Extended License.  
This is a SINGLE SEAT license, it authorizes ONE natural person to license, download, and use images/videos. You may use images/videos on behalf of your company but you are the only one who can handle the images/videos. The images/videos can be saved on your computer(s) only. If you work in a team within a company, please use our Extended License. Alternatively, you may also obtain one Standard License for each user in your company/organization. 
NOTE: If you choose to purchase a Standard License for your company/organization use, you will be the person responsible for proper usage of the images/videos by your company/organization; your company/organization can use the images/videos only for as long as you are working for the company/organization. If for some reason you leave the company/organization, all images/videos licensed under your name and Standard License must be removed from uses (app, website,..) immediately. 
Extended License: Same as Standard License above except that there is no limit to the number of print run copies, end user licenses or intended audience viewers. Extended license is also MULTIPLE SEATS allowing many users within ONE organization/company/institution to share the same image/video while working on common projects and for common projects ONLY. This license does NOT allow posting the images/videos on Social Media such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter...   
When images/videos are uploaded to online platforms (websites, learning portals, blackboard, apps...), the download function must be disabled - viewers should NOT be allowed to download the images/videos.
Extended License may also be used for legal proceedings (personal injury, medical malpractice lawsuits), limited to ONE case per license and provided that you will take ALL responsibility regarding the use of the images/videos. Alila Medical Media will NOT be liable for any losses, damages, disputes of any nature resulting from the use and accuracy of contents of the images/videos.
Social Media License (NEW!): Same as Extended License above plus the right to post the Images/Videos on Social Media such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter... All images must be resized to lower than 800px before posting on social media. The line ©Alila Medical Media is required on all images/videos posted on social media.

For web designers/media makers who want to use images/videos for their clients: You would need ONE license for EACH of your clients. The type of license is determined by your client uses of images/videos. Images/videos can be modified to suit your client needs but will remain copyrighted by Alila Medical Media no matter how much you have modified them. The modified images/videos will subject to the same licensing terms and restriction as the original images/videos. 

Note about custom works: All custom made images/videos are subject to the same licensing terms as all other images/videos on our website. Alila Medical Media is the sole copyright holder of all custom works. 

Restrictions for ALL licenses
-     All licenses are non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable.
-    You may NOT resell/distribute/give away or otherwise make available the images/videos as standalone files/prints, or as part of a larger image/video collection, or in a derivative product where the image/video is the main subject of the product, or in a manner that allows the images/videos to be extracted as individual files. When images/videos are uploaded to online platforms (websites, learning portals, blackboard, apps...), the download function must be disabled - viewers should NOT be allowed to download the images/videos as standalone files.
-    You may NOT make “print on demand” sale of the images (you may NOT post them for sale on "print on demand" sites such as Zazzle or Cafepress or similar; you are welcome, however, to order products from these sites with our images for your own use).
-   (Except for Social Media License) You may NOT post the videos on Youtube or similar video sharing websites as standalone files or in a derivative product where the video(s) constitute more than 50% of the product. You may, however, upload them as unlisted/unsearchable videos accessible only to yourself for the SOLE purpose of embedding the videos to your website. 
-   (Except for Social Media License) You may NOT upload the images/videos to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and similar. You are welcome, however, share the links to the images on your/our website.  

Credit Attributions and Copyright Notices:
We require that all images/videos in use are properly credited to ©Alila Medical Media.
- All images/videos used online (on websites, in apps,..) must have the copyright/credit line ©Alila Medical Media. You are free to change the font, size, color, location of the text but the credit line must be clearly legible on each and every images/videos. Videos that are used on their own - without being integrated into longer videos - are required to retain the credit line (or our small logo at the bottom right/left corner) on each and every frame. If you have significantly modified the images/videos, the credit line should read "modified from original image/video by Alila Medical Media".
- ONLY when the images/videos are used as part of a physical product and/or in a larger production (in a book, in a TV production, a longer video...) the credit line/corner logo may be removed from the images/videos themselves, and credit must be given in the credit section (if there is one) or at the end of the product/final video production. If you intend to use our video(s) in a larger video production but are not able to remove the credit line/corner logo yourself, you can send us an email describing how the video(s) will be used and we may remove it for you.
- Videos used individually as part of a digital product (online course) must retain the logo at a video corner.
- Images/videos bought under Student/Teacher License or Social Media License MUST retain the copyright line/corner logo. NO exception allowed with these Licenses.
- In ALL cases, it must be easy, straightforward for a reader/viewer to identify the source of the images/videos.
No-Return Policy : We regret that we can not entertain any return requests. This is due to the nature of our products, downloadable items are impossible to return. Thank you for your understanding.
Please feel free to contact us at info@alilamedicalimages.com if you have any question.
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