For a limited time, we offer FREE translation of our videos* to Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil), and FREE audio recording too! Contact us for details!

* FREE offer applies for all videos shorter than 3 minutes. For videos that are longer than 3 minutes: the first 3 min are free, each minute afterward is at $25 per minute.


Custom AUDIO Services: 

Add/change AUDIO to any video for $80 per video. We have several voices for you to choose from (click links to hear): Voice 1,  Voice 2.

También ofrecemos audio personalizado en Español: Voz 1 (America Latina). Traducción por hablantes nativos disponibles para cualquier vídeo, bajo demanda. 

E em Português (Brasil): Voz 1. Tradução por falante nativo disponível para qualquer vídeo, a pedido.

Et en Français : Voix 1.


Custom IMAGE/VIDEO Services:

We offer custom work for images and videos, prices vary depending on the complexity/specificity of the images/videos and range between $100 and $300 per image; $300 and $900 per video (Standard License; original size of 5000px or vector format for images, full HD1080 for videos). For Extended License add $90 per image/video. 

Please email us at for a quotation.  

Significant changes to an existing image or video can be done for a fee of up to $90 per image/video, please feel free to email us for a quote.


Also check out our free editing service


Please note: All custom made images/videos described above are subject to the same licensing terms as all other images/videos on our website. Alila Medical Media is the sole copyright holder of all custom works.


Custom Work with Custom License: Custom images/videos with exclusive rights, distribution rights, etc... We do that too. Please email us at for a quotation.