Teachers/Students! Looking for an AFFORDABLE way to use our videos (and images) for teaching/learning? Check out our COMPLETE COURSES here!


We offer the following services at no extra cost to our customers: (not applicable to videos purchased under Student/Teacher license)

- Remove, add or change text for images and videos. We can add text in any language if you provide the exact text - we will copy and paste (replacing all text with another language may not be free for text-intensive or longer videos). This free service does NOT include adding subtitles/open caption for videos - adding subtitles (in any language) is part of custom service and there is an extra charge of $50 per video (for videos of less than 3 minutes).

- Rearrange elements within an image.

- Remove elements from an image.

- Add minor elements to an image (existing elements from other images in our library only).

- Change video speed, remove segments from videos. 

- Remove sound from videos.

- Change video background color or add custom video background provided by customer. (May not be possible/free for some videos)

- Other small retouch, please feel free to contact us, we will let you know if we can do it for free.


Simply email us at info@alilamedicalimages.com about your needs.


IMPORTANT! Read This First! 

- Request for changes MUST be submitted BEFORE purchasing to qualify for free editing offer.  Please email us the changes you need before purchasing. We will edit the images/videos for you before you purchase them. This helps simplify our workflow. Requests submitted AFTER purchase are subjected to a $10 fee per image/video and per round of editing (for the changes listed above).

- You will only get the edited version of the images/videos. If you need both the original and edited versions, one of these would have to be delivered manually and a handling fee of $10 per image/video will be charged.

- Edited images/videos are NOT eligible for any promotional or volume purchase discount offered on our site.

- Only ONE round of editing is free. You can request as many eligible changes as you would like as long as you submit them at one time. Once the images/videos are edited, additional changes will subject to additional fees.

- Free editing is NOT applicable to videos purchased under Student/Teacher license.


Also check out our custom work service!

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