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Refer a buyer to our website and earn 20% commission on each sale!


Our images/videos are great resources for universities, medical practices, information websites/blogs, individual teachers/students and media makers who need medical stock images/videos. Suggest them to your teachers, doctors, employers, friends... they get discount, and you earn commission on each sale! Sounds good? Let's go through some FAQs below:


1. How does it work?

We will give you a personalized (unique) coupon code. Give it to potential buyers - people you know or simply post it on your website/social media if you have one - the code will give the buyer 15% OFF on (almost) everything on Alila Medical Media website (exception: custom work, prints and whole gallery sale). Every time someone uses that particular code for discount, we know that the sale came from you, and you get 20% of the sale value. 

Example: A buyer purchases images/videos worth $100 using your personalized code - he/she now pays only $85. You get 20% of that $85, that's $17!

2. How do I know if someone uses my code?

We will send you an email every time someone uses your code to purchase.

3. How will I be paid?

You will be paid once a month, by the end of the month, for all sales happened in the previous month. For example: all commission from sales occurred in March will be paid by the end of April. We pay through Paypal. You will need to have a PayPal account. You can open a free Paypal account if you haven't got one. Please double check that your account can receive payments from an US Paypal account. Also note that Paypal does take a small fee out of the payment total - this fee is on you.

4. Can I be the buyer myself?

Sure, being the buyer yourself giving you 15%OFF plus commission, that is 32%OFF at the end! We rarely offer that kind of discount on our site! But please do not sign up just for the purpose of purchasing for yourself.

5. What if the buyer wants a refund after purchase?

Per our terms we do not refund, as downloadable are impossible to return, so that usually does not happen. However, there may be cases of credit card fraud, or disputes that may result in canceling of payments. In the unlikely event that we have to return the payment to the buyer, you will not receive your commission for that sale - if we have already sent you the commission we would have to ask you to send it back. 

6. How do I sign up?

Simply send us an email at to request for your code. In your email please confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the information given in the FAQs above. In order for us to pay you we would also need: your full name, your address and your Paypal email - these, if you prefer, can be communicated to us later - anytime prior to your first payment.  


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