This position is filled. Thank you for your interest! 

Hi there,

We are looking for NATIVE FRENCH SPEAKERS (French accent preferred) to read scripts for our educational videos. In the first stage, this is to replace the audio for these videos on our Youtube channel in French. Afterward, as we will be translating more of our videos to French, you will read them too.

As our videos are all science/medical related, we also need you to have a SCIENCE or MEDICAL BACKGROUND.  You must also be able to communicate with us in English. If you are interested, we invite you to first look through these FAQs:

1. How does it work? What is the job exactly?

We will send you scripts of scientific/medical text in French; you will record your reading and send the audio files back to us.  

2. What are the requirements for audio quality?

The audio file should be clean, free of background noise, swallows, and any unwanted previous takes/fragments. You will need to have a good microphone (recording with a phone will not be accepted), and an audio editing software to remove background noise and unwanted elements – you can download "Audacity", a free program for this purpose.

Most important: The pronunciation of all terms must be correct. Always double check when in doubt, there may be technical terms that you have never encountered before. 

For the reading tone, imagine that you are giving a lecture, or a seminar. 

For each script, you will need to read 2 times in one sitting, edit to remove noise and extras, and send us the 2 versions as 2 separate audio files. 

3. Is there a deadline for a job to be done?

All audio files must be returned to us within 48h from the time we send you the script. If a re-do is required, it must be returned within 24h. We usually only send out one script (of 150 words to 800 words) at a time, which should take less than half an hour of work once you get used to it.

4. What if I am busy, or on vacation, and cannot take a job?

We will send you an email to first ask if you are available for the job. You will have 24h to reply if you want to take it. The more often you are available, the more jobs you will have.

5. How much and how will I be paid?

You will be paid US$10 per 100 words of the original English text (this will be sent to you for reference, the French text is usually a little longer). To give you an idea, for an average script of about 3 minutes reading (calculated based on the original English text), you would earn roughly US$45.  We will let you know exactly how much you would be paid for each script beforehand - the moment we send you the script.

You will be paid promptly after we receive and accept the audio file(s) – this would take 2-3 business days. We only use Paypal, you will need to have a Paypal account. Please note that Paypal does take a small fee out of the payment total.

6. How often will you have jobs for me?

In the first stage we will have about 10 to 20 scripts. These can be done over the course of a few months, depending on your availability. After that, it will be occasional,  more or less random.

7. Who owns the copyright to the audio files I will be recording? Will I be credited?

This is “work made for hire” and hence Alila Medical Media is the only copyright holder of all audio files. However, you will be credited as the voice artist if the video is published on Alila Medical Media Youtube channel.

8. How do I apply?

Please read and record the sample script at the end of this page and send the audio file (must be in mp3 format)  to

While recording please keep in mind the requirements detailed in point 2 above!

We also need a brief description of yourself (your name, where are you located, what you are doing,…). The following information is required: your native language, your accent, the country you are from, your educational background.

Also feel free to ask any questions that were not answered here.

We reserve the right to reply only to shortlisted applicants. Thank you for your interest.

Script :

"L'action d'avaler, ou la déglutition, est le processus par lequel les aliments passent de la bouche, dans le pharynx, puis dans l’œsophage. Aussi simple que cela puisse paraître pour les personnes en bonne santé, la déglutition est en fait une action très complexe qui nécessite une coordination extrêmement précise avec la respiration puisque ces deux processus partagent la même entrée - le pharynx. L'absence de coordination se traduirait par l’étouffement ou les fausses routes. La déglutition implique plus de vingt muscles de la bouche, de la gorge et de l'oesophage qui sont contrôlés par plusieurs aires corticales et par les centres de déglutition dans le tronc cérébral. Le cerveau communique avec les muscles à travers plusieurs nerfs crâniens."