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Q1: I am a student and want to use images (only) for my school project, what license do I need?

A : Student/Teacher License.


Q2: I am a student/teacher and want to use images for my website, what license do I need?

A : Standard License. 


Q3: I have licensed an image, can I give it to my friend to use as well?

A : No. A license is required for each person. 


Q4: I am a teacher and want to use images (only) for my lectures, what license do I need?

A : Student/Teacher License. Please note you can NOT share the images with other teachers with this license.


Q5: I am a teacher and want to use images/videos for my lectures and also for my website, what license do I need?

A: Standard License if the total number of viewers is less than 100,000. Extended License if it's more than 100,000.


Q6: I am a web designer/media maker and want to use images/videos for my clients, what license do I need?

A: You would need to purchase one license for each of your clients. The type of license is determined by your client use of images/videos. You are welcome to edit/modify the images/videos to suit your client needs, but the images/videos will remain copyright property of Alila Medical Media no matter how much you modify them. 


Q7: I am buying images/videos for my university/practice/company/organization, what license do I need?

A: If you are the only one who are handling the image/video usage (the images/videos are saved only on your computer): Standard License if the number of image copies needed (print-run or number of viewers) is less than 100,000. Extended License if it's more than 100,000. Also see note below.

If you are sharing the images/videos with your colleagues in your organization you would need Extended license regardless of the number of image copies. Alternatively, you may also obtain one Standard License for each user in your university/practice/company/organization.    

NOTE: If you choose to purchase a Standard License for your university/practice/company/organization use, you will be the person responsible for proper usage of the images/videos by your organization; your organization can use the images/videos only for as long as you are working for the organization. If for some reason you leave the organization, all images/videos licensed under your name and Standard License must be removed from uses (app, website,..) immediately. 


Q8: Where can I find pricing information?

A: To see the price please click on the "Buy" or "$" buttons ( "Buy Student/Teacher license download", “Buy Standard license download”, “Buy Extended license download") on individual image/video page. The prices vary depending on the type of license and image/video size required. 


Q9: What kind of payment do you accept?

A: We offer two online payment options: 1. Paypal, on Paypal website, which accepts: all major credit cards, Paypal, and depending on your location : eCheque and bank transfer. 2. Stripe, directly on our website, accepts all major credit cards. Download and print processing are instant with online payment. 

We also offer off-line payment options: check, money order (US only), and wire transfer (US and international, from business accounts only). Please choose "off-line payment" at checkout and contact us at info@alilamedicalimages.com for instructions. Please note, however, that orders will be processed only after payment is received and cleared. For wire transfer, a transaction fee of $35 will be added to your bill - this is the fee charged by our bank; you are also responsible for transaction fee charged by your bank (if any).


Q10: I have paid for my purchase, now what?

A: You will receive, shortly after successful online payment, an email with a link to download the images/videos. Orders with videos and larger orders will take longer to process. Please make sure your email address is correct. If you dont receive the email within 30 min, please check your junk mail folder. You can also log into your account to check the status of your order and download your order from there. The download link is valid for 2 weeks from the date of purchase. During this time, the images/videos can be downloaded as many times as needed. If you order prints, you will receive an email with tracking number of your shipment once the prints are shipped (within 3-5 business days). 

Before contacting us about your order, to ensure that you will get reply emails from us, please add info@alilamedicalimages.com to your email address list. 


Q11: How safe is my financial transaction on your website? Do you store my financial information? 

A: Online transactions are handled entirely by secured system of Paypal or Stripe. We do NOT have access to your financial information.

We also offer off-line payment options for those who prefer not to pay online (please see Q9 above). 


Q12: What is your return policy?

We regret that we can NOT entertain any return requests. This is due to the nature of our products, downloadable items are impossible to return. Thank you for your understanding.